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Welcome to Our Home

Our voices stem from the Midwest

Our feet touch the ground and impress

That we are here

Right now


Waiting to be found

We are human

We are flesh and blood

We have built this home

To saturate this dry dirt

And turn it into mud

So others can plant their feet

Next to our own

And realize

If our feet grow roots

We are home amongst the stars

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Study With Us

The below poems are here to tell our story

About actual emotions that we had

Sometimes they are good

Sometimes they are bad

Sometimes they are happy

But mostly they are sad

The fact remains

They did happen

And it made it difficult to maintain

The thoughts and feelings that invaded our brain

Research is done in a typical format

That helps to describe how the results came to be

It helps us to recognize what was found

By observations made

Like reading a map from land to sea

During an experiment under controlled conditions

Variables are removed that would sway results

And avoid observation bias and disinformation


But what if...

An experiment was happening that we couldn't see? 

Would it still be something we would believe?

This is our mission

This is what we seek

The truth is within us

Let's see if you support our theory

When we finally decided to open our senses

To share what we hear, say and see

Our Story

Drewghis Red and I have been through quite a lot. I began recording our events in poem to help tell our story of the experiences we've had that helped us realize some things about this new world we live in. This sample of poems is chronicling of what we experienced in a short time.


Below is a playlist of our favorite Albums on Spotify.

We hope this gives you some insight as to where we derive our inspiration.

 We recommend listening to the whole album during your workday or drive home from work.


Thanks for checking it out.

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