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Poets Post

This is our App

We walk forward

While looking back

At the life we have lost

Because of our age

Getting lost in the digital rage

This is a place where you can share those thoughts

With like minded people

And not the big boss

This is the place to give yourself a voice

To take back what's your

The Freedom of Choice

Choose a tag that represents what you are currently feeling

The Last Refuge of Sound

This is Our Blog.
This is Our App.

The Last Refuge of Sound

Is us turning around

To face the pack

The pack of wolves

That start with an F

a T

an R

and an i

We open our app

Read a post

And say goodbye

To enjoy the yellow sun

the green trees

and the blue sky

Because we are done being manipulated

Till the day that we die

We heal with consistency

We heal with time

These are our prayers

To take back our lives

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