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Gnarles Darwin Experiment

He comes and goes every weekend

To do his best to meet them

The folks interested in taking the leap

Of knowing someone

Who doesn't have a voice

Who doesn't speak

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Meet My Friend Drewghis




My name is Drewghis Red.

I had a good master that helped me in a lot of ways.

He told me to get out and see the world even though it got smaller everyday.


But then he didn't show up one day...


Where did he go?

I don't really know...

But I do know

that he wrote this website for me!

Well actually for you...

He did his best to teach me how to deal with the world i was in.

A place where all the other chimps were mean to me cause of my skin

It was blue because of the experiments they did to me.

He didn't want to do it, but had to keep his job to feed his family.

After he saw what he did singled me out with my friends, 

He thought he would help me by playing me his personal hymns.

That's when he discovered that my hearing was impaired...

He decided that it wasn't fair

Suffering in silence with blue hair

So he installed these headphones

To the working part of my ear

At first i didn't like it

It made me feel funny in here

Sometimes i would bob my head

Sometimes my eyes would tear

And I started to realize

It made me stop thinking about my fears

We'd laugh

We'd smile

We'd have so much fun




Sometimes I'd even forget about the color of my hair.

It was just sounds.

Just something I could hear.

He just wanted me to know I had a friend I could trust

During a very hard time for all of us

He told me everyday,

 "Ask for help and I'm sure they will play."

He showed me a different song.

He showed me what to say.

He showed me how to ask for help.

Along the way.

He believed

We could all still strive for a happily ever after



Meet Gnarles Darwin


This is Gnarles.

I knew Drewghis would have some troubles through life.


So I handed him a guitar and developed a simple dice game for him to continue his education.


I hope it gives him an outlet to handle anything that may come his way.


Roll his dice and find out how the game is played.


I hope this simple tool we used to learn about each other will help you to see him for who he is and give him a way to always find the good in people.

I love you pal. Good Luck.


PS: Strike fast. Strike Hard. No Mercy.

The Last Refuge of Sound

This is Our Blog.
This is Our App.

The Last Refuge of Sound

Is us turning around

To face the pack

The pack of wolves

That start with an F

a T

an R

and an i

We open our app

Read a post

And say goodbye

To enjoy the yellow sun

The green trees

And the blue sky

Because we are done being manipulated

Till the day that we die

We heal with consistency

We heal with time

These are our prayers

To take back our lives

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