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A Friend In Need

Life is tough walking alone

A family taken away from something unknown

Left somewhere between

Right and wrong.

Nice and mean.

They don't recognize you as you are

A person.

Not a farce.

Making you feel as if you are a black hole in space

Sucking everyone's life away

Recognition would be nice

But that isn't what you need

Maybe you just have finally become

A friend in need

So you ask the guy that showed you the way

The man that stood in other peoples way

While he stood strong

So you could run and play

A man that guides you down the right path

A man that most people never had

The man who has a story for every clue

The man who looks like me and you

The man that told you to rise above the rest

The man with a heart of gold hidden in his chest

If you know me then you know him

If you know us then you are most likely kin

But hold tight

As there was another who lead us a certain way

With a softer touch

Having puppets show us the way

Shows at night to help us sleep

With simple stuffed animals

Bought off the shelves

At the store where we got our food to eat

She was the one who made it all possible

A woman with a creative mind

Seizing every opportunity to make it play time

A woman who helped us through our grief

A woman that played with us

Every day of the week

A woman with a stature so small

A woman who was fighting a goliath

But would never fall

She too is a saint in her own way

Just more down to earth

Using nature and art

Instead of strength

To pave the way



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