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At Attention with Intention

Life as we know it is over.

When kids can take to the streets

In groups and masses

And the adults are scared

To kick their asses

What happen to the pride of the place you live

Where you could correct a behavior

That wasn't socially acceptable

Without flipping your lid

Why can't adults just stand their in silence

Grouped up against The Kids

That are causing all the violence

Those kids that don't have an age

They are just mean,


And just want their way

We could stand shoulder to shoulder

In silence

With only one of us representing The Kind

Telling them

"I'm just here to fight for our peace of mind."

An adult is someone who steps in-between

The Bullied and The Bully

Without being mean

Don't do it alone

Or you will look like an ass

Just ask a couple extra adults

To stand with you like at mass

Or at prayer.

Or at attention.

Whatever word makes you stand

With each other

So that you look like you have intention

To just stop something bad

And not worry about forcing your views

Just stand with each other

So The Bullied

Stop getting abused



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