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Being The Devil

It is interesting being the devil

You try to be nice

And not stir up trouble

But then they ask about your horns

And stubble

You do your best to ignore them

To not burst their bubble

You sit and stand

All day long

Trying to reprimand

The evil you've done

It wasn't me or you

But we were selected to take the fall

Without hesitation

Without much thought at all

You worked hard

to build a home

A place where equality is nurtured

And starts with the soul

It's a home for those lost

So they can take time to find

That they are not the devil

They have strength

The strength of The Kind

We don't kneel to the big boss

Because they rule the crown

It's not for those in the clouds

But those firmly planted on the ground

For those who have been shrouded in shame

For those who wouldn't even utter the name

It's a home for those who have suffered from the tiniest trepidation

That they too are seen as the devil

Without any reason

Without justification



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