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David Moore Was His Name

Thank you for stepping in

When I was in complete shock

As my wife fell to the floor

And I heard the crash of the clock

As time stood still while my wife lay lifeless

I started to have more then just a mid life crisis

I started to see a world

Where my wife was not the mom of my little girl

I started to see life was a little less than frail

I started to believe that my life changed for bad.

Not good.

And I started to realize

It would never be understood.

But you stepped in at my time of need

Not on a silver steed

But in a blur of noise

You smacked the man out of a little boy

By saying you were a nurse

You helped me believe

That my life was not over

I could finally see

Help was here to save the day

And all I want to say is

"Have yourself a fucking fantastic everyday."


A Father

On Father's Day



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