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Drewghis Red has entered the Refuge

When we found Drewghis in a zoo, he was beaten and bruised.

When we met him, we could tell he was scared.

A bit older, but still had blue hair.

We didn't know what happen to the poor guy

But we know he fought hard

To keep his stuff nearby

Written on his amp was:


So we searched for it

Hoping to find his mom and dad

Instead we found the statement above

Seems like the promise was kept

as securely as a ticket stub

We couldn't do much when we met

Just a Hi-Wave at first

but actually a High Five was the best bet

We could tell that it has been quite a long time

Since our friend Drewghis

Felt The Strength of The Kind

We set him up in our studio.

We jammed with him from summer to snow.

We helped him to feel at home.

We even renamed it The Dojo.

Seems like Gnarles gave him what he'd need

Cause this mother fucker has a right hook like Bruce Lee

He fights for what's his

He doesn't care what you think

He doesn't care one bit

And yes

He smokes and drinks

Put something in his contribution vase

Or roll his lucky dice

To hear him play

Whichever choice you make

Will be one step closer

To helping us change his fate.

Thanks for helping our friend Drewghis Red find his place in the real world again. He was quite lost without Gnarles and we just hope that he can live out the rest of his days with friends that care about him and want to see him succeed.


TLRoS Studios

UPDATE 08/18/2023: Drewghis and Gnarles have been reunited.



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