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For The Neighbors Down the street

I had friends come by today.

Those friends who stuck around

When you were beaten down by pain

I thought they would come and have a drink.

Maybe a smoke

And a good conversation that makes you think

We did do that

But there was something more

A friendship rooted in time

With a past to mourn

Or celebrate?

Or cherish?

Or is it something paid

Like interest on a tariff

All I know is I was glad to have them around.

2 blokes

That helped make the water go down

They both saw a lake outside

When they went to take a leak

They didn't run

They didn't hide

Their interest peaked

The tall one said,

"I love seeing the whirl pool form"

The smart one said,

"having only one drain is not the norm"

So we grabbed a few rakes

And a couple beers

And walked into that water

Without any fear

With friends like this at my side

Anything could be done

The smartest of the smart

And the talented dumb

Thunder cracked

Lightning struck

While we stood in knee high water

Nobody else giving a fuck

I had a thought that we may die

If today was our lucky day

When the ground touched the sky

I chuckled to myself

While I pulled the leaves and sticks away

From a clogged drain

That didn't exist

According to the neighbor the other day

What a sight it would be

Three dead dudes

Spread out along the street

A beer in one hand.

And a rake in another.

Struck by lightning.

Dying like brothers.

Luckily that didn't occur

No further damage was done

A couple flooded cars

And a little bit of fun

All accomplishing

Only one thing

Helping their unknown neighbors

Down the street

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