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GNR - #08122023

Work hard get paid, not on this day.

Clean the furniture, guide the kids, tell them they did a good job when they worked hard rather then hid

Kickball and wiffle ball is so much fun under the sun.

I saw my friend the week before get very mad about certain things when folks walked through that door, then i saw it again and again and didnt say anything because i wasnt sure if it would kill him

Every punch you took, i took one too. Every flag not hung was clear in view. i did my best to keep my cool, but when i was laughed at for saying "Thanks" i felt more like a fool.

Final straw was being told the mix was fine, even though I could barely hear what was mine, you stood there on his side while your best friend crumbled inside. He is your best friend and he did his best, he cleaned that barn from east to west to help you as a good business partner should, knowing that this may be the last time he could.

Unfortunately that's just not who I am. It's time to get rid of the boy and become a man. PS: I know your mad about the SG. Her name is Donna and she's staying at home with me because there is more to that place then just you and me.


I talked to a loved one about my time, he advised that the time is not only mine. I have to see things as they are if I keep thinking I know what people are thinking then I will miss the stars The green grass and tall trees

That make a friendship more then what is seen

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