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GNR - #09222023

A little late putting my notes up

Sometimes priorities get mixed up

And as long as you continue to adapt to the changing world

There is nothing that can evolve faster

Then a little boy or girl

Staying consistent is important for them

But adapting to the world for what it is

Is part of being a parent

Reflection happens in front of a mirror

But sometimes seeing becomes reality

By the warmth of a fire

Especially when the warmth turns to cold

When the young turn old

When the opportunity presents itself

To sell yourself

Without being sold

Playing an instrument in front of a loved one

Brings a little peace for the troubled and numb

Let the notes ring true

When you play your tune

And hopefully

Dawns light

Will show us all how to be reborn

Like a flower that finally got to Bloom

--I don't get to choose my family. No matter what.--




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