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Hello My Jewish Friend

Hello my Jewish friend,

I hope you're doing ok.

I can't believe what happened the other day.

On October 7th, 2023

Is probably the worst thing I have ever seen

My eyes were wired shut.

I didn't want to see.

But now I realize,

That it is time to find my feet.

When I hear those present the other side

Saying, "it was justified."

I ripped out those wires

And opened my eyes

There is no conversation to be had

As to whether this was good or bad

With my eyes now open

I have the ability to believe

That you just became

A true friend in need

If you need anything,

A guitar or piano.

To listen to while you weep

A person to talk to.

While we eat food and have a drink

A friend to lean on.

To help you stand strong

A confidant.

To listen to and ensure that you know you belong.

Message me anytime

And I will do my best to help you see

That there are people here

To stand for you

While you take a knee

To mourn for your own

In a place that you call home

Where they took more

Then just flesh and bone

To try and make you feel unsafe

To make you feel alone

But not here.

Not in my home.

Break this bread with me

Because it's time to see

If we share this land

We are more then just people

We are family.



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