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Introducing Larry Allen Wynn

We all need a friend in our corner

To help us through hard times

To help us through Mordor

Whether he is there during your young life

Or whether he gives you stories to keep the time

He's the guy who will always be there

When you are lost in life's unreasonable rhymes

He's the guy who will sacrifice all that he can

To show you he's more then just a man

He will recognize what is right

Or wrong

And tell you about it in his song

They may not be the best

They may not make you feel great in your chest

But he is there to remind us all

That we can feel safe

Without buying a bullet proof vest

He's a father.

He's a Son.

He's a Papa.

He's passed on.

He's here to make sure we make it through

Life's struggles that can make someone go from being happy

To feeling blue

And finally

Back again too



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