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It Happened Yesterday

It happened yesterday

when I was talking to a HIM

He said,

"You are still young so your mind makes things up"

And I swore that was passive aggressive

As I think patiently not wanting to interrupt

At first I was too young

So I didn't understand

Then I was asking too much

For just a heads up before hand

Then something changed in the services that we pay

And I specifically only told him that we had it a certain way

The only person I told

A neighbor

Next door

In a neighborhood

That's old

It's not clear when I explain the story to most folks

In fact I'm not even sure

If it's true

Or a hoax

But luckily I have a companion by my side

A wife

With a sharp body and mind

She believes it could be so

Someone messing with us

Because they didn't reap what we sowed

By a simple chance of luck

That kind of info that I would share

Because I didn't think anyone gave a fuck

I thought it was agreed

That sometimes luck comes your way

That's why it doesn't happen

To everyone


But instead of letting that luck live on

I'm pretty sure he called the person in charge

Like a child

Telling his mom

On a boy at school

That he said was bullying him during play

When really that boy

Was just saying

"You can't always have it your way."



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