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Just a Little Fella

Imagine you are just a little fella.

Who could barely even tell ya,

Their name

Their age

Their date of birth

Or what is today

They don't see the world quite so clearly They see it as a little more opaque.

And they do it very well

Given they only have a couple years

Under their belt

The old ran to school in the morning

With nothing but a book strap

With everything twisting and turning

Then we found you could sling a bag

Over your back

And to look cool

You only used one strap

Now all they need is

A power chord

To get every required learning

From the school board

What happened to those nice young women who lead the way?

The teachers who saw every kid was emotional in some way

They helped them learn through songs together

Telling the kids to try and do better

They didn't label them based on an average score.

They told them to work hard

Even though the kids looked bored

Personally, they kept telling me I was a C.

Luckily that was fine with me.

Cause that was a letter I knew

It was something I was and could be

It was the first letter

Right behind my first name,




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