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Just Bee You

Charlotte and I went to the first pop-up open play at Just Bee You in Mundelein. If you're looking for a fun space to play with your child for a few hours, it is a great option. They also do offer music, gymnastics, yoga, and other programs.

Just Bee You is a cute, locally run studio to focus on social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development milestones. It has several themed rooms that are open for open play.

There is a gymnastics room with little trampolines, mats, and climbing blocks. Charlotte had a great time bouncing on the little trampoline that had a stabilizing bar, walking up the triangle mat, and watching an older girl on a swing in an enclosed trampoline.

My favorite room reminded me of a little reading area. There was a cute little fort with cushions with a cozy chair for me. Charlotte loved the little baby dolls and mirror at her height.

The last 30-40 minutes, the instructor brought the group together to do activities with a parachute and play on mats and slides.

As we were getting ready to leave, all of the kids sat at the table in the front room and ate their snacks they brought with them.

Charlotte felt like such a big kid, playing with all of the activities and sitting at the table with other girls her age. It was a nice, low-key activity that felt special. We enjoyed it and will probably visit again.



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