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Living In The Blight

What do you do

When you can't do right

What is worth the effort

When all you experience is The Blight

Your try and try

To make it through each day

But the victim mentality

Just starts to eat away

Am i a victim?

Do i truly feel that way?

Do i need to change?

Or is there just a stone wall in the way?

I see it as it is

And I say what I can

But it seems like I am only causing more problems man.

My expectations aren't changing

And my strength is definitely waning

Please Father

Let me make it through one more winter snow

Forgive me Mother

I sent two of your little critters to the unknown

I stand tall when I can

I know who I am

I don't think I'm a victim

But why is everything going wrong then?

Because the truth is

I am only a young man.



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