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Making a Map

But even after you’ve been warmly accepted, revived, clothed, housed - body and soul The memory of the past takes its toll What do you think you are doing? Living this life that was never yours? You are fooling no one and you are a fool to try Every day you just trick him into a lie Don’t you forget, you accepted your fate long ago And it will find you to claim what you forever owe Just because you’ve made it out doesn’t mean you have escaped Every tender act of love is shrouded by the times that you were raped ... But he doesn’t give up, your saving grace, Despite your lies, Your cold, mean eyes. You don’t have to fall back into the trap You’re already out, you can draw your own map


Escaping isn’t a one-time deal, Freedom isn’t something you can steal. Just because you broke the bind, Doesn’t mean you can leave it behind. You let yourself be captured, you did what you could to survive, But now you will carry it for as long as you are alive. But don’t fall back, forge a new way, For these good things, too, they can also stay.


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