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Never Have I Ever

Have you ever been to a place

That promotes a wealth of knowledge

A place for collaboration

A place called college

Have you ever been so scared

To make someone feel bad

Because "it's just not worth it"

Was the advice you got

From mom and dad

Have you ever been to a place

Where everybody is running the same race

Yet some people think it's funny

When the weak can't keep pace

Never have I ever judged someone from where they are from

The north

The south

Or where they can see the rise and fall of the sun

Never have I ever heard of a place

That promotes active thinking

Tell you, "you're wrong to think that"

So you just stand there blinking

Never have I ever been so sad

To see them turn a place of wonder

Into something so bad

Never have I ever seen so many people get sold

On a different ideal

That ends up just putting them in the hole

Never will I ever let it happen again

Let someone take away someone else's voice

Especially when they just need some support to mend

Never again

Will I let you do that

To my family and friends

Because you're never too old to have life experiences

And you're never too young to make good decisions

The End.



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