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Nothing's Perfect, But Things are Silly.

There's not much else to say

When you've given up

But can't look away

If Bud Light and Juneteenth wasn't the sign of our times,

Then we might as well just submit and lie.

In the pile of shit that is the world these days

Just because its easier to give up

And walk away.


Yet we say, "Enjoy it." to every boy and gir...

Oh, I'm sorry, was I assuming my own child's gender?

That's because I'm providing clarity for him or her.

Let me know when you give that a whirl.


They don't know what the fuck is going on.

They only feel emotions for far too long.

We were never taught to deal with this.

Yet we expect them to just make it when we say, "It is what it is."


No it's not.

It's entirely new.

The whole fucking thing.

Directly in view.

It's never been so divided,

Excepts when the union was re-glued.

When Lincoln was Bi___.



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