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The Living Room Arcade

We all have families

That sometimes fight

We all have families

That sometimes don't seem quite right

As a kid in a new world

It can be difficult for every boy and girl

Working through these new emotions

That seem to just unfurl

They try to control it in every way that they can

Seeing how those emotions are handled by every human

It's different for each person

Some yell

Some pout

Some get controlling

Some have personal doubt

Some drink

Some smoke

Some just can't even cope

Adults aren't perfect

And neither are kids

But what if we could give them an outlet

Where there is always a solution

That's just difficult to find

Because it was very well hid

From someone who designed a game with an ending in place

To bring them into a world that's moving at just the right pace

For them to find the next checkpoint to take a break

For them to really think about what's at stake

They have 3 lives to finish the level

And if they hit the right button

At the right time

They keep themselves out of trouble

Video games are being lost in this Digital Age

Where a kid can download a game for free

That has no end

But in order to play

You need to watch Advertisements

Every 15 minutes


All to score more points then your friends

Who you only met

Through the text box in the lower left

There name is something that is unknown

There age is never told

The way they look

The emotions they have

Are all hidden behind

The wall of text

That your kid calls a "conversation"

That they just had

We want to give them something they can believe

We want to give them an example of what they can achieve.

We want to give them a place where they can talk to their real friends

Like the kid down the street or just around the bend.

We want them to talk to a human who has played the game before

Who can help them believe

That this game is beatable

With just the right touch

At the right time

Because someone they actually know

Has beaten it before

So they can form a real friendship

And not worry about how the game

Is the only one keeping the score

-- b1gBr0 this is for you. thanks for showing me how to be me and making me feel like i always had a friend even when things weren't perfect.--



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