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Risky Religion

Is it worth the risk?

To help those who probably won't notice it?

Is it the right thing to do for me?

Or am I just having grandiose thoughts of something better for everybody?

It seems like a place that has a lot of potential

But has been destroyed by those who missed why it was essential

I would like it to be a place of growth and community

Without the need for you to earn your place

And act like you deserve impunity

It would be a place where we could all learn to just stay afloat

While we drift in a circle

In space

With only ourselves

No saint

No god

Nobody keeping a note

On just how bad we can be

Just enjoy the music

Open your ears

And we can start to see

The world is here for us to enjoy

It has no hidden message

No beliefs to destroy

It is here to nourish us with what we need

Let's start to recognize:

We bring the greed.

We bring the hate.

We bring the spite.

We bring everything that just doesn't feel quite right.

And that's ok for certain amount of time

Like a toddler learning to be an adult

Over a long long life time

By the end we should be ready to go

Not wishing we can stick around

To watch the end of the show

It's ok to be at the end of your rope

That means you get to let go

And let Mother Nature

Take hold

Like the last hug

Of a midwestern goodbye

Like the first hug

Of a mother and child

After a difficult birth

With only tears in your eye _______________________________________________

I just want to make this place better god damnit!

My friends and family are scared to die

I want to help them.

But I can't figure out what or how or why. Give me guidance

Give me strength

I'm not a holy man

But for fuck sake

Help me to find the right place! If you can hear me Maybe I can just play the right tune To make you hear us The humans. Who don't want to be doomed. Who don't want to be stuck. In this fucked up place Who realize we are just a bunch of monkeys floating in space But we still get to have a say in the way we live We still get to be free and so do my fucking kids so fuck you and fuck you too Whoever is pulling the strings and putting me under their shoe I'm done being scared for my entire life time I'm here to live And to tell you my life is mine.



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