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Sh/e/it/they Circumstances

I'm ready for a he to be a he

And a she to be a she again

Cause a she being a he

And a he being a she

Is quite confusing in the end

It's like the blind leading the blind

Only it's the amused leading the confused

If it's sexist to call my daughter a she

Or sexist to call my son a he

That's where I draw my line

And start to share what I see instead.



It's my kids.

We made them, my wife and me.

And that's a hard truth

That those who can't do the same

Don't want to accept and believe.

I hope I can teach my kids to think

Based on actual fact

Proven by looking around

And working to confirm

what's what


that that's that

I hope they understand

That the world just ain't quite right

That it's sometimes difficult to believe,

But that's a cold hard fact.

Because the majority of it is filled with



And greed

With a side of grey,

It's not all white and black ya see.

Those pushing their own agenda

Don't care about what hangs between your legs

They don't care about you.

They don't care about me.

They see only opportunity when we beg.

They just want to keep you off balance

So you're worried only about yourself

Instead of worrying about the fight to be human,

Because they said it's ok to believe you're an elf.

They take advantage of you

And do whatever they can to get ahead

They are the ones running the race

They are ok with implementing any tactic

To get you into their bed

A tactic used time and time again

Divide and Conquer

Is always done

Without ever actually being said.

By skewing your personal views

To distract you to the fact that your family's history was built by the dead

In times of trouble.

They were there.

A mother, a father and a family unit that cared.

When you slept in just a tiny little bed.

With the lines being painted in hate

So we never get to the point of breaking bread

Usually we don't even talk.

We just leave it up to fate instead.

Because if they can avoid us talking

And sharing our own thoughts with each other

Then the job becomes that much easier

To look down on your father and mother

The two people who made the sacrifice to bring you in

To a world that seemed to shine so bright

But now seems to be quite dim

But in the end

The only one that doesn't get to choose

Is the one that is always



and confused

That is always living life on a whim.

The humans who just showed up

That don't have a leg in the race

Because they can barely even stand

Let alone keep pace

They are the ones sitting with their toys.

Playing with other girls and boys.

Learning that everyone has a different face.

Trusting that their mom's and dad's.

Are making their home a safe place.


My family is mine.

Let's talk about what's wrong

So we can start telling the truth

When we say

"Everything is fine."



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