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Sit or Stand

It’s an interesting thing to see

It’s like sleep walking in a dream

Everyone sees things that are wrong

But we all just turn a blind eye

And move right along

Does nobody really care

About the words

That move through the air

They change the way we think

and feel

But we are not allowed to use them

Because of a newsreel

We all have a choice

To decide whether or not

To use our voice

Using it the right way

Means listening first

Without influence or sway

We can open our ears

And let them breathe in the years

That show us what's right and wrong

Like listening to the words of your favorite song

The monotonous day to day

Will show you

The everyday people who



Say "hi"

And continue their day

We can go to the store

To say "hello"

To those wonderful people

Stocking the shelves

And running the show

We all are here for a reason

We have words

To express ourselves

And it is not treason

It is time for those

Who have idly sat by

To stand up

Say enough is enough

And give it another try



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