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Sword of Avalon

I found myself aboard the Sword of Avalon

With Captain Goobeard at the helm

He seems alright with my intrusion

Though it could all just be a sticky illusion

But sometimes a risk taken is an opportunity earned

Ever striving to continue to learn

I have traveled many years in this body of mine


Seeing Saying

Their is nothing like the right time

I see more then what is observed

Using my instruments to perceive another world

I met another amongst the crew

Snuck in just like me

But nothing like you

Inviting to sit next to me and catch his breath

A sip of whiskey

And a bite of bread

He then saw out the window

And warned me of what was next

With my guitar in hand

We ran up the stairs

My heart pounding in my chest

Captain Goobeards first reaction

Was to know the name of the impaired

He did not seem impressed

I did my best to keep the priority at hand

About the Scavvy circling us

With no view of the mainland

Luckily Captain Goobeard took my suggestion in stride

And a battle commenced

With Nicco Jumping off the starboard side

Slyxidor did his best to demean the beast

But then turned his focus towards the human

Who was about to take the leap

So I followed suit

But instead of insult

I chose to sooth

Heroism at its finest?

Or was it a dumb decision from a brute?

I was struck by another fish on the port side

Damn these animals and their tough hides


I should feel scales

Then a flash of fire streaked by

Alodar... should use both of his eyes

I quickly checked on Nicco the insane

To see if he had any success to tame

The skinny Scavvy that was all alone

But his mind was affected by something unknown

The word "Help."

Passed my thoughts

The Mind Flayer was the only one

That looked a little distraught

But he let out a mighty attack

Until I had almost nothing left

But something didn't seem right

I could feel it in my chest

Just then a ship appeared that looked like a Brig

Adorned with black and gold on its rig

A small gnome stood at the helm

"Don't kill our plaything" with a mighty yell

He leaped to our ship

And smashed the Scavvy's head



And death

With a side of damage was all that was left

This all didn't sit well

No not at all

Are we the damsel in distress

Or is there something other then dead fish I smell?

I send a message to the Mind Flayer to speak his mind

But in return

All I see is



And a portal that leads to somewhere else inside

The battle ends and we now have new friends...

At this point.

I trust none of them.

I'll keep quite.

And lightly tread.



The Last Refuge of Sound

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