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The Boom On 4th of July

The first one rang

Silence was all that over came

The thoughts in our minds

As we talked through the sound of our times

A snap at first

A crackle ain't the worst

But when The Boom was the sound

It was difficult to believe that it was someone just messing around.

The 4th of July before isn't something to ignore.

It was some of the worst news I have ever heard before.

Waking up to hear some people got hurt.

Now the only life they get to live

Is the life

That resides in America's dirt

The dirt that we used to grow our food.

The dirt that saw blood over decades of use.

The dirt that I grabbed handfuls of as a kid.

The dirt that buried all my kin.


They died in this land as well.

By their own choice.

With freedom ringing from the Liberty Bell.

One last breath

For the tree of life to grab

The last exhale

Of the life they had

That means a lot to me

During our country's trying times

It's a friendly reminder

That they fucking tried

They taught me to face the world together.

Weather it's a nasty winter storm

Or the beautiful summer weather. ____________________________

We don't get to pick when the time is right.

To celebrate all our lives all in one night.

But with a country underneath our feet like this

I know i want to say

"I fucking stood."

Rather then hid

Hid from the storm that came our way.

Hid from the truth by what we can't say.

Hid from the dirt that we all grabbed as little kids.

Hid from what no longer can be hid.

This is our time to rise with our flag.

Because this is our nation to be had.

It is our nation built by our American dads.

And American mothers.

And American sisters.

And American brothers.

It is our nation that I will not let be undone.

Happy 4th of July.


An American son.



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