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The Dull Voice

There it is again

Nagging at my mind

The thought reverberates

Like the hands of time

Can't seem to find

That peace of mind

Trapping myself

In the cage of doubt

Where happiness

Is something I can't find

It echos in my skull

A voice that sounds so dull

But it's a voice that gives me clarity

And makes me think with reason

and prosperity

I think something did happen

And I saw it

with my own eyes

Somebody doing someone wrong

Just to pass some time

There it was on my back porch the other day

It didn't say hi

When it saw my face

It peered through the glass

So thin

So frail

Right where my baby was sleeping

In her crib

Balled up like a snail

It peered over her and met my eyes

I was ready to kill that mother fucker

till it died

But instead i opened the door and said


Can i help you?"

It looked startled said

"Ahhh.. mosquitos"

And pointed up to the roof

Not knowing what to do i knodded

And said


It just turned

Hopped over the porch fence

And walked away

Maybe it was mosquitos

Or maybe a harmless gaze

Or maybe it will be someone else's baby

In a different room

On a different day


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