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The Forgotten - Part 1

There is people out there

That will be forgotten

What’s even worse is

We see them as getting old and rotten

So we try to preserve them in time

By filling their head with worthless thoughts

That have no reason

No rhyme

But we never stop to think

They are transported everyday

Between the fabrics of time

As they start to fade away

They look around to see what’s the same But we force them to recognize how things have changed

Then the world they knew suddenly washes over them.

When they reach out for what they lost

They can't even talk about it

Because everyone nods off

So they cut their story short

Because they know it to be true

They are now the old.

The Weak.

Soon to be

The Forgotten too.

Dying with dignity is a lost art

And put it to preserve our own art

Like enjoying a conversation with one another

With an ice cold beer

Believing we are all living our own lives

year after year

No predetermined diet laid out over a lifetime

Living in fear

We humans have something a computer may never have

Free will.

With a side of being able to shed a tear.



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