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The Forgotten - Part 2

They stride with us from side-to-side

Folks who were actually wrangled up like cattle

And ordered to die

For a cause that was so unknown

Driven by a delusional man

A man not worth mentioning

Because he is sin.

A man not worth mentioning

Because we all know him.

He is a liar.

He is a cheat.

He is the man we would all like to meet

To tell the truth to his face

To put a gun to his head

And blow him away

It is the population who took the bait

That let those people be herded like cattle

With no one else stepping in the way

Fuck that

And fuck them too

Those who speak ill

Of the chosen few

Who made it through a life

That promised them death

Those who faked dyeing

In a pile of their own dead

To flee to a new land

And live a free life instead

To run to a sanctuary across the sea

A sanctuary we live in

A sanctuary built for you and me.

I recognize what that lady said.

That lady with short blue hair and a bandana wrapped around her head.

A lady that has no right saying what was said.

"Fuck the Jews."

Was what I heard

With a sigh of dread

Well as a Recovering Catholic that has brown hair

With my McIrish blood boiling

With my green eyes in a hateful stare

I would like to just say "

Fuck you and fuck your blue hair.

You fucking-no-good-mother-fucking-piece-of-shit-no-good-sayer

Who doesn't realize the damage you have done

To a person who is sitting next to you

Just holding their tongue.


Finally recognizing what you just said.

My Irish Catholic genes would just like to say


Here's to the Jews,

And cheers to the dead



To Live.

Is what we choose to do instead



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