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The Forgotten - Part 3

I got to play a concert today

In Waukegan Art Park

With my bro

In a brand new place

Thinking that a 25 minute set wasn't much

We still believed it was enough

To help a friend in need

Someone trying to make it like you and me

There was another though

Not on center stage

But just off to the side

Without much to say

A little boy

With black skin

A person

With just a little more pigment

So I set my kid in her car seat

And patted her curly head of hair

like 1, 2, 3

When I turned to my left

All I could see

Was this little kid

Wandering around

Not hiding

But also not being seen

He looked so sad

So lonely

Looking for a little relief.

So I walked up to him

To give him some belief.

I asked him, "Hey buddy are you ok?"

When I could have just smiled and walked away.

I stuck my hand out

For a good ole fashion shake

Because I wasn't going to leave

This little kid in my wake

He took my hand with no smile.

Only a frown.

While he looked to the floor

Straight at the ground

I said again,

"Are you ok?"

He looked up

And I could see it in his face

He responded, "I just want to see the kids." But what I think he really meant to say

Is. "I just want to play."



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