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Tik Tik Tik Tok

Tik tok tik tok

Is the ticking of the clock

As we stare at our screens

While they use our time

to make more green

If every image we scroll past

Is seen as a cage

We realize a zoo

is more closely related

to the digital age

We scroll

and scroll

Seeing time tick away

With our friends putting themselves

In a digital rage

But if we stop

and listen

We may hear a steady beat

That’s made all the chaos

Seem so neat

Grab some friends

and grab that time





Is The Siren to take back

What’s yours and mine

Freeing ourselves

From the monotony of everyday

Like walking off a city bus

Or the sound of a bell

to end a school day

We realize all we need

Is some help

And trust

With our time set

and well on it’s way

We can take a minute and realize

We were not made

To just scroll all day

That we are not a mime

Stuck in this digital zoo

We are humans

With our own time

And voice

Still ticking

To a new tune



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