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To My Friend Drewghis Red

Hey buddy

I'm sorry i left you behind

I guess I didn't have The Strength of The Kind

I guess i didn't give everything I had

To continue to make the lines in the sand

People's greed just kept washing it over

And I didn't want to stop

Until they got Sober

I didn't understand

Why they would come in with smiles

Hugs and laughs

Even though they traveled for miles

Brand new friends

Instruments in hand

Building a new life

Just by

Making a new jam

They would leave with a full mind

Like a full belly

Giggling like those colorful dudes

what's their names again?

oh yah.

The Teletubbies

Then I'd take a look to see if anyone cared.

An empty glass vase

Was all that was there

Only a few threw us a couple bucks

$100 in total

Over a period of 3 months

20+ people presented an opportunity

to grow and take part

In our new journey Only 2 contributed anything further

But they ended up taking that back

That's when i decided I couldn't go any further

I did my best

I promise I did.

I guess i won

i guess its time for I

to take a step back

and let others make a bid

You taught me so much

You taught me what people are all about

So for now it's so long

I'll miss you pal

You're my best friend

You made me realize

Humanity is fucked

without a doubt


Your Best Friend

Gnarles PS:

Nothing ever needs to end,

Sometimes you just need to stop


and give it another shot.

That's why your watch is in a circle.

It never ends.

It's just a number of ticks

until it finally goes tock.



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