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Top Down

Top Down is the phrase of the day

When the administration takes away

Your ability to have a voice

In what is happening today


I saw an old lady not get fed

For over 24 hours

While she sat uncomfortably in her hospital bed.

While nurses took her blood pressure

With high tech gadgets that had bells and chimes

But wouldn't even feed her a piece of bread

Because the system wasn't updated in time

None of them realized her lips were chapped

And she wasn't in the right state of mind

When she talked it was belabored at best.

You could confirm that by seeing the rise and fall of her chest.

All she wanted was a black coffee with something to eat

So we made the decision that was something we could achieve

We took our chance to make things right.

Even though permission was never granted via Administrative Oversight.


We then watched a man get behind a stand

And preached about college being equal for every human

By saying we should consider the color of someone's skin

Before we really consider letting them in

At the end of his speech he closed his book of words to say

As he stepped to open the door and walk away

He stopped to take time to make his final point.

When someone yelled, "is this a rogue court?"

He responded, "it ain't normal."

Which sounds like a deliberate statement to not conjoint.


Because if that's the case...

Then the man is going against a decision

That went through our very own Judicial System

If he wasn't happy with how things went

I don't think it's right to say it while we are all in a fast descent


We should be seen as people united.

To show support for the process put in place

By our fore fathers

Who married good mother's

To have American children take their place

Who dreamed of building a home.

Truly a place that we can call our own.

Where an administration doesn't run the whole show.

Where legislative recommendations is only supposed to come from The Known.


The Known is the information coming from the people running the show

The people cleaning up the mess that over legislation has allowed to unfold

In our burning streets

In our burning hearts

In our burning homes

Only a-hop-and-a-skip apart

We, the people, need to rebuild our country

That is now

Very clearly

A True Work of Art


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