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Zero to Hero

There's a man out there

That steps up to the rubber

Even though he should be scared

Because his "friends" smack a ball at him

Like no other

He stands with pride

And will only show his emotional side

When he does something wrong

He doesn't see it as opportunity to cheer and sing a song

He recognizes what he did

And takes the out

Because he was raised right as a kid

At this point

That's no doubt

He smiles

He laughs

He's a guy

That is always kicking his own ass

He is someone to look too

Someone to admire

He does things the right way

Even though those days are now expired

When you hit him once

He takes the fall

When you hit him twice

He thinks nothing at all

When you hit him 3 times

Now you have me engaged

The 4th time happens

Now I'm enraged.

You saunter down the line

With a smile

Expecting to just walk on by

When you meet someone in your way

That's me. A Homegrown Midwestern guy.



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