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Our Philosophy

Making music is a team event

It isn't about who can make the biggest dent

It's about working together for just 5 to 7 minutes

To achieve something greater

To truly make a difference

It's about listening to one another

Before telling someone what to do

By creating opportunity

And committing to the same tune

To make room for everybody to play

In the same key

At the same time

In a different way

It's about listening to yourself

To start realizing that we are more then just our digital selves

We all make mistakes

We all live to a different rhyme

But the truth is

We are all living at the exact same time

The Gnarles Darwin Experience

This event is for all ages

It's your first step to the different stages

Of being a musician

By yourself

Becoming your own artist

By taking your instrument off that dusty shelf

Bringing it to a place

Where you can grow

And find that music

Is the water that nurtures the soul


Poets Post

This is our App

We walk forward

While looking back

At the life we have lost

Because of our age

Getting lost in the digital rage

This is a place where you can share those thoughts

With like minded people

And not the big boss

This is the place to give yourself a voice

To take back what's your

The Freedom of Choice

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